• Burnout


    You were so excited when you started your job or at your new school. You poured yourself in to your work, but it turned out that there is no end to the work that needs to be done and it is so draining.

    You feel depleted. Also, life is hard, your personal life and/or your health is suffering because you work all the time and you might even feel like your boss or coworkers are bullying you. You may be feeling jaded or hopeless. You are thinking about quitting and you are feeling lost, depressed, angry, maybe even nervous and on edge. You need something to change. Being burned out wears us out and if we are prone to depression, anxiety, or we are distractible due to other mental health struggles burnout will amplify that and getting support can make all the difference.

    I have been where my clients are. I personally understand the struggle of recovering from burnout, and toxic work environments. As a social worker my perspective encompasses the whole person and with their environment in mind. It is not all on you, it is your environment too and I get that. Self-care is important and there will be plenty of talk about that, but I believe it is also about a larger picture and learning how to navigate a world that can be oppressive, marginalizing, and unkind. Reach out to me today so that we can explore your life stressors and help you get back on track for greater work/life satisfaction.