• People Pleasing and Childhood Adversity

    I find that many people have a passing familiarity with the idea of fight, flight or freeze. In this article, a fourth trauma response is discussed called fawning. According to a specialist on childhood trauma Pete Walker, some of our people pleasing behaviors are tied to experiences in childhood.

    In my work I have found that Burnout has a strong foundation in being uncomfortable with boundary setting. Many of my client’s who experience burnout have identified with the act of “people pleasing”, yet another reason to seek trauma-informed therapy for burnout, especially chronic burnout and secondary trauma. The links as to why we may be particularly vulnerable to these experiences in adulthood can be rooted in deeper issues that may need to be resolved.  Read more below about the fourth trauma response and book your intake today.

    Fawning: The Fourth Trauma Response We Don’t Talk About


    1. Cecilia Stonebraker, LCAS, LCMHCA

      Cecilia Stonebraker, LCAS, LCMHCA

      February 13, 2021 at 5:10 am

      Such an important discussion; great information for anyone interested in learning more about compassion fatigue or burnout.